Challenging Career Transition 

So life has just got very demanding.

Without too much warning, your relatively stable working life has been thrown in to considerable turmoil. You have just been told of the latest restructuring in your business and it looks like your job might vanish or be merged with another role. It seems unlikely from all you know that there will be any realistic internal opportunities available for you. From a position of relative comfort and predictability you suddenly find yourself with the prospect of having to make some rapid decisions about your future, impacting not only on you but all those in your immediate circle of family and friends

This scenario might be further compounded as an expatriate who has been living and working for a number of years away from your home base. It may be ages since you applied for a job in the external job market or attended a tough job interview. The very thought might fill you with considerable concern and trepidation. 

At Brosna Career Consulting we work very closely 1:1 with professionals, business leaders and C Suite executives from across the globe who are facing, either by choice or imposed circumstances, such immediate career transition challenges. We have developed a robust methodology for coaching and supporting individuals to navigate their way through such a journey.

At the the front end we use a range of diagnostic tools to help individuals make some critical early decisions and choices about their new direction of travel and then move swiftly into action. As new career openings  arise, we assist individuals in evaluating and focusing upon the right options. And as individuals secure significant job interviews, we provide intensive interview coaching preparation so that individuals can present themselves with confidence, competence and impact at interview using techniques covered in our proprietary Triple B Interview Workout. In this last stage, we have a track record of over 80% in assisting individuals to secure their targeted roles.

If you find yourself in a situation of sudden career transition, why not make early contact for an initial confidential discussion with us about how we might be able to help you. Please email us at