Targeted, effective specialist coaching

We combine extensive commercial and people development experience with our own proprietary methodology for ensuring individuals can make maximum impact at interview.

We have a very impressive track record of helping individuals to secure career changing new jobs. We are particularly effective when working with senior professionals who are looking to make a career breakthrough at a more senior professional and leadership.

We don't spend weeks or months advising and reviewing your progress. At Brosna, our aim is simple: to quickly and effectively give you the best chance of interview success. 

Employers tell us the biggest mistake interviewees make is failing to research and prepare examples that prove their ability to do the job. We'll work with you to define the core competencies you'll need to demonstrate, then coach you to present yourself and your experience as confidently as possible on the day.


At the heart of our intensive 1:1 coaching process is Brosna’s unique three stage *TRIPLE B WORKOUT* (© Brosna Career Consulting Ltd).

*Boxing* - a visual technique designed to help job candidates focus down and focus hard on their critical and relevant competencies.

*Bubbling* - a further visual technique allowing individuals to powerfully encapsulate and articulate their critical career achievements and experiences in a succinct and focused manner.

*Behaving* - a frank feedback and workout routine that gives an individual specific techniques and advice on how to recognise, modify and/or eliminate unhelpful behaviours.


Skills assessment, role review and document preparation

Before meeting in person, we'll ask you about your skills and experience, and review your CV and LinkedIn profile. We'll rigorously review the role requirements and application documents to work out what your interviewers will most likely want to know about you and your abilities. From there we can begin to define what makes you the right candidate for the role. 

We'll then prepare an interview simulation based on testing the competencies most relevant to the requirements of the role.


Interview simulation and presentation skills for interview

On the day, we'll coach you in our unique and highly focused interview preparation techniques before we role play a full interview on camera. We'll assess your body language, confidence and ability to put into words what makes you the right candidate.

We'll give you direct, honest feedback using video playback, which is essential for highlighting and changing negative behaviours. Then we'll hone your ability to talk confidently about your experience, and help you practise expressing your competencies and attributes clearly and positively. 

In addition to this, we can coach you on presentation skills for interview where required. Your interview will be tough, and our process is tough enough to help you stand out and succeed. 


Final focus and pre-interview support

Before the interview we'll conduct one last telephone coaching session to get you into a positive frame of mind. We'll retest you in any difficult areas to make sure you have fully researched the role and can comfortably express the real-life examples you need to demonstrate your competency and fit.

We're on your side, and we'll do whatever you as an individual need during that final call so you can walk into the interview feeling full prepared and ready to get the job.