Are You Ready For Career Change?

In regularly working with senior managers and executives who are in the process of career change and transition, we have discovered a number of simple principles that will often shape the speed and effectiveness of the move from one job to securing a new career opportunity. 

Experience indicates there are four critical pieces of thinking an individual needs to undertake upfront:

  • Readiness - to what degree are you ready to make the career transition? For some individuals who have been thinking about and planning a career change for some time, they may be in the perfect frame of mind to begin the search for new opportunities.  For others, where the career change has arisen from changed circumstances, they may have done little thinking or preparation.  Honestly assessing your degree of readiness is a vital first step to ensuring early progress

  • Goals Setting - how much clarity do you have about the opportunities that you intend to target?  What are your success criteria for embarking on the career transition process?  What do you really want to do next?  What do you definitely not want to do?  All vital questions to address upfront to help you focus your effort on the right future opportunities

  • Impact Assessment - what are the consequences of your decision to move to a new role for your partner, family and friends and how will you deal with these consequences as you move forward?  Changing roles is rarely an isolated decision independent of other aspects of your life.  Careful upfront consideration of these likely impacts can greatly assist the speed and ease of transition

  • Planning - a plan is a place to start and not necessarily a place to finish.  However, without a clear and well thought through plan of attack, seeking new job opportunities can become an overly chaotic and timely process.  Giving yourself a clear and realistic upfront plan is another very important early step in your career journey

As part of Brosna’s working process for coaching and supporting individuals in the early stages of career transition, we have developed a series of diagnostic tools that we use to help individuals prepare for the journey ahead, in the four key areas described above.

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