Reflecting on You

When we at Brosna work with candidates who are preparing for a really important career changing job interview, we are often alarmed by the degree to which talented individuals under-sell themselves in their interview practice. This manifests itself in a number of different ways:

  • Individuals often find it very hard to describe and illustrate their specific qualities and capabilities - they can struggle to find the words that describe their experiences in terms that link to the required competencies of the job in question.

  •  They often forget to cite or fully explain major achievements or experiences that demonstrate high quality attributes about themselves by making some false assumptions about what might be relevant.

  • They under-play the significance of some experiences, particularly more negative ones, when these might be a powerful illustration about how they deal with and learn from setbacks.

  • They fear that talking too boldly about achievements and success might come across as over-confident or arrogant.

  • They assume that the interviewer will pick up readily on major experiences and achievements covered in their CV. Of course with many CV’s to read an interviewer may simple miss out on important career milestones and achievements unless you specifically cover them.

Our working process to help candidates prepare for important interviews focuses very clinically on causing individuals to project and articulate with confidence all their most relevant achievements and attributes. One of the key reasons that we use video playback in our practice sessions is so that you, as the candidate, can see exactly how you come across in terms of tone, body language, content and confidence. We hold a mirror up against you, so you can reflect, adapt and project all the good things about you in response to the tough questions thrown at you.

Our aim is to ensure that in the very limited and encapsulated time of a job interview, you can show yourself as clearly having the capacity, confidence and competence to be a stand-out candidate for the advertised role. 

With a track record of over 80% in helping people secure critical new roles, we are confident that we can support you in projecting yourself in a bolder more assertive way at interview. 

For more information about how we might help you in becoming a stand-out success at interview, please email to arrange a confidential discussion.