A Career Gulf

This week my fellow Brosna Director Brendan Colclough and I have been working in Dubai, talking with a wide range of people about their career issues and challenges. In particular we have had a number of interesting discussions with expatriates who have been working in Dubai for some years, and are now seeking to move on, and in many cases return to their home bases.

They have raised with us a number of common career issues that seem to be specific to their expatriate context, and where they have asked for our help, most notably: 

  • Having been out of their “home” market for jobs for a number years, many individuals are simply out of touch with how things may have changed and what opportunities might now be available; this is often accompanied by...

  • A prolonged period where they have not had to apply for, nor be interviewed for a significant new job role; at a very basic level individuals find themselves “rusty” in the confidence, skills and behaviours necessary to prepare for and secure a new job. 

  • In circumstances of job restructuring and organisational change where the expatriate assignment may have come to end abruptly, individuals find themselves in the challenging situation of having to quickly reevaluate their career options and direction. They are caused to rapidly make decisions not only about their next important career step but also about wider lifestyle, income and job security issues.

  • This presents a particular challenge, where the roles and well-being of close family may also be significantly and directly impacted by the sudden and unplanned change in circumstances. 

  • This can all combine to create a period of significant disruption that can be very stressful and unsettling for all involved.

Brosna Consulting has specific expertise and experience in coaching expatriates who are facing some or all of the challenges described above and particularly around the issues of re-entering a home-based jobs market.  

Specifically we cause individuals to quickly ask and then answer a number of core questions e.g: 

  • What is it that I really want now as the next stage in my career and life circumstances? Do I want more of the same or... 

  • Is this the time to make a change and use my expertise and experience in a completely different way, in a new sector or in a different type and scale of organisation? 

  • What are the exciting new opportunities that I can create and seize now that I am freed from existing constraints?

  • What is my realistic plan for moving from thought into effective action to secure new and different career opportunities? What research do I need to undertake, who’s help do I need to seek and how will I evaluate different options and alternatives as they arise? 

Our approach in coaching individuals in these circumstances is quite simply to work on turning necessity into positive career opportunity. 

If we can help you with your career challenges, please do contact us in the first instance at info@brosna-consulting.com to arrange an initial confidential discussion.