Introducing Brosna Career Consulting

Contacts and colleagues often enquire of me “Well what exactly is it that Brosna does?”

Well, simply put, we predominantly specialise in helping talented individuals to prepare themselves for career changing job interviews. We intensively coach individuals to make sure that they come across as competent, confident, personable and self-assured under the challenging pressures of interview.

We have developed our own three step proprietary methodology for helping individuals to secure their targeted new roles. And we have a very high success rate in both improving individuals’ interview performance but also, most importantly, helping them secure that breakthrough job. 

Our coaching approach relies heavily upon intense interview role play with video play-back so individuals can both critically appraise their own interview performance and receive honest feedback from our highly experienced interview coaches. Using this raw material we then do three things to significantly improve interview technique. 

  1. We help individuals focus down and deliver crisp and impactful descriptions of their core competencies in response to key open questions

  2. We encourage individuals to develop powerful and succinct summaries of their main experiences and successes that illustrate clearly the kind of difference they can make

  3. We extensively practice interview behaviours to eliminate any distracting or negative behaviours i.e. words, mannerisms, body movement, hesitations etc 

We are very successful in converting job hopefuls into job winners. In the last three months we have helped individuals achieve significant executive and senior management roles in health, aviation, manufacturing, banking, public services and leisure. 

In addition, as an important compliment to the above core offering for individuals, we also offer intensive training for front-line managers in corporate organisations who are responsible for recruitment so they are better equipped to match talented individuals with required job competencies and thereby minimise expensive recruitment mistakes. 

If you would like to know more about how Brosna can help you or your organisation to achieve a much desired career breakthrough or improvement in recruitment capability, then please in the first instance drop me an email at to arrange a confidential no commitment call. Also view more details at

For colleagues, contacts and clients based in the UAE, my fellow Brosna Director Brendan Colclough and I will be visiting the region to undertake client work from 28th October to 1st November. Please let us know if you would like to meet during this period to discuss your particular needs.