Understated, Undervalued? 

The recruitment world today is an extremely competitive arena where job seekers need to maximise every advantage they have to secure outstanding roles. 

At Brosna we specialise in coaching individuals to prepare, plan and execute a significant career transition including an intensive process to help them stand out at short-list job interviews. It is immensely satisfying work, particularly when an individual secures their targeted new role. And we pride ourselves on a very high success rate. 

However in our day to day private work with individuals we quite often find that some very talented and experienced people significantly under-value and under-sell themselves, often without realising that they are doing so. Today’s recruitment market is very unforgiving if you cannot assert yourself and your distinctive value in the key messages that you transmit about yourself through every stage of a recruitment process. 

To overcome this tendency for understatement, we work at three levels with individuals in helping them craft an impactful, assertive and concise message about themselves and their distinctive attributes. 

Consistency - framing the story of “you” in a way that conveys a consistently positive and relevant message about your achievements, aspirations and capabilities either in documents (CV, Personal Statements, Cover Emails), on-line e.g. LinkedIn or verbally at different stages of the interview process.  

Competency - we coach using a range of tools and visual techniques so that you become very competent at responding to critical interview questions succinctly, clearly and with relevance to the required attributes of the job and person specification. Being competent in a job interview involves a distinctive set of skills all of its own; skills that are capable of being learned, practised and delivered to ensure you stand-out and fully showcase your talents. 

Confidence - the more consistent and competent you become with practice, then of course your confidence at interview becomes much greater. Rather than seeing an interview as something to be feared or a source of apprehension you see it as a valuable opportunity to have a mature discussion about you and why you are the right person for the advertised job. It also becomes an important moment through the positive questions you ask in the interview to test if the organisation is really right for you.  

If you leave it to chance, a job interview can be a somewhat clumsy and imperfect way of adequately representing you and your stand-out talents. However with positive help, good technique and lots of practice you can quickly minimise any chance of understating yourself and move quickly from a job hopeful to a job winner. 

If you would like to arrange a confidential discussion about how Brosna might be able to help you in your next career transition, please in the first instance email info@brosna-consulting.com