Go On... Light That Fire

“Well is this it? Is this as good as it gets? And, if not, can I really be bothered with uprooting myself and my family for another job opportunity that may turn out to be no better than my current role?”

As the northern hemisphere slides into the long summer holiday period , and we all look forward to that chilled-out break on the beach, in the mountains or in rural isolation, it is quite natural as our thoughts meander away from our frenetic workplace to ask ourselves ...

“So What Next?”

Well only you will really know if you have reached your career pinnacle, arrived at your end game destination, are happy to coast your way effortlessly into your retirement. Maybe this is your destiny fulfilled in life...

or alternatively ...

Perhaps you still have that nagging career itch, that frustration that you can be and should be doing something bigger and better? Perhaps there is also a regret that you haven’t acted earlier and you are beginning to worry that the world is passing you by whilst other friends and colleagues are seizing new opportunities.

Whatever stage of your career you are at, it is very easy and understandable to get into a comfortable and complacent state of mind. If things are going well and you are not under any threat, why would you complicate life and contemplate moving on?

Well there are a variety of very good reasons for you thinking differently I.e.

▶️ Nothing stays the same in the business world of today - whilst you may feel comfortable in your current role, others near you may be ready to move the deckchairs around you and, without warning, turn your stable state into one of deep and immediate uncertainty.

▶️ For reasons of sheer sanity and self-preservation, having a well-worked out parallel plan (even if it is not enacted immediately) makes you feel more confident should things outside your control take a big turn for the worse.

▶️ More positively, you almost certainly owe yourself the opportunity to think beyond your current state about something different and more challenging so that in five + years you don’t look back regretfully having played it safe. Instead imagine the next 5 to 10 years as a massive opportunity to write large on a different and potentially bigger canvas.

▶️ Also ask yourself what is the positive professional footprint and legacy that you want to leave behind and can you really say that you are there yet? And this is to acknowledge, of course, that work is not the only important thing for our ultimate life-fulfilment. However given the amount of hours we each typically spend at work why don’t we stretch our thinking to embrace doing something more challenging, demanding and fulfilling? Why settle for a sub-optimum outcome when you can do so much better?

We work with a wide range of individuals to help them with their career transitions and one thing that binds them together is their determination to move on with pace, focus and yes, with our encouragement, take some risks in seeking out a new more fulfilling venture.

So as you settle back in the warm holiday sunshine, give yourself the luxury of some expansive thinking, consider new alternatives and light that, as yet, small fire of aspiration inside you.

And if you think you could benefit from some help to fan that flame, then please contact us for an introductory discussion at www.brosna-consulting.com or email tim@brosna-consulting.com

Tim Chapman

July 2019