Resolve to be Different in 2019

At Brosna Career Consulting we have the very good fortune to meet and work very closely with some amazingly talented people. 

And the surprise to us often is that individuals simply don’t realise just how talented they are or, if they do, they often don’t quite know how to describe their distinct capabilities in an impactful way to others. For most of the time this might not matter too much, but when it comes to that pivotal moment to seek out a new career opportunity, it suddenly becomes vitally important to be able to project yourself in a compelling way.

So as we embark upon a brand new year, we have our own Brosna top ten tips for those of you who might want to navigate your way through an important career or job change in 2019:

  1. Create Your Story - practice forming and condensing your career story into a few powerful sentences. Develop two versions i.e. a quick 60 second version and a longer 3 minute version. What is the essence of you and your achievements that will make you stand out to others?

  2. Use Powerful Words - tell your story with tangible concrete verbs (not vague and wishy washy words) e.g. I led , I created, I formed, I decided, I learned, I achieved, I influenced, I risked.

  3. Focus on Achievements - don’t just  describe experiences that you’ve had, but focus more on the significant things you have achieved; illustrate your big achievements with both quantitive and qualitative data and outcomes. 

  4. Network Like Crazy - remind people you know who you are, what you do and what you have achieved; ask them to connect, endorse and recommend you to people they know.  Make sure they know your full story.

  5. Show Your Capacity to Learn - demonstrate your thirst for learning and change. Ask yourself what have I added to my CV in the last three months and what will I do in the next three months to demonstrate my ongoing commitment to personal growth?

  6. Demand Positive Feedback - ask people who know you really well to tell you what specifically they value about you; build their words and themes into your personal story.

  7. Visualise Success - project yourself into the future and picture in your minds eye what career success in 2019 will look like for you; give your picture as much colour and as many specific features as you can; make your picture tangible and believable. Regularly remind yourself of this picture of success. 

  8. Talk Yourself Up - turn up the volume on the positive audio tape running in your head so that on a daily basis it tells you what a very talented and capable person you are and will be in the future; turn down the volume on the negative, self-doubt messages. Acknowledge your limitations (we all have them) but don’t let them drown out the positive projection of you. 

  9. Think Excitement & Adventure - yes there is much to do but think of the fun and fulfilment you will have in exploring new opportunities, challenging yourself and breaking new ground in your career. 

  10. Seek Help - look around you for people who can help you to accelerate your progress; find yourself a coach who can act as your mirror, enabler, adviser and positive friend.

In summary, if you are really serious about making 2019 a year of significant career change, our wish for you is that you stop underselling yourself, you start really talking yourself up and above all else you resolve to be different in 2019. 

And finally ... 

A very Happy New Year from Brosna Career Consulting.