Stick or Twist? Is it Time For a Career Move?

So, the long hot days of summer are drawing to a close, holidays are over and the nights are beginning to draw in.  Summer breaks are a great time for reflection; for assessing where you are and where you want to be in the next period in your life. Then September comes and it is then time to take some action. 

Among many swirling considerations, invariably when we are away from work we tend to see ourselves and our careers in a different, more objective perspective. It can be a time when we seriously weigh up our current state and assess if its time to stick or twist on a much-needed career move.

All jobs worth doing often involve weighty responsibilities and periodic frustrations. For so long as the rewards and satisfactions of the role outweigh the more negative aspects and we feel like we are moving forward, gaining experience and becoming more skilful, then we can rightly persuade ourselves that our current career trajectory is on the right path. But often it can be a more finely balanced equation where the rewards and satisfactions become obscured or negated by the feeling that you are simply banging your head against a brick wall in a never-ending treadmill of repeated tasks, unfulfilling relationships and lack of personal growth.


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At Brosna we work very closely with individuals on helping them think through their career options and take decisive actions to improve their opportunities and chances in the job market. But we are often surprised by how many talented individuals faced with blockages in their career progression still take an overly long time to honestly admit to themselves that they are “stuck” in their current career situation. A state of inertia sets in and an initial feeling of mild unfulfillment turns quickly to increasing frustration and disillusionment.

So, if this summer you have been reflecting hard on your current career state and have concluded that you are really going nowhere in your current role and organisation, we would provide four pieces of advice:

•  Don’t wait but act now to do something about it - or else risk signing yourself up for a frustrating and unfulfilling Autumn and Winter

•  Remind yourself of your distinctive and very personal capabilities - you are a valuable asset and if your current employer doesn’t fully recognise it then don’t waste your time treading water when you could be adding real value elsewhere

•  Remind yourself that you always have a choice and that the risk of seeking a new role might be much less than the risk of stagnating where you are

•  Do not make the journey entirely on your own; seek help from your network of colleagues and specialists who can fast track you to secure a valuable new job opportunity

Before the frantically busy early weeks of September engulf you in activity, give yourself the luxury of asking one fundamental question in relation to your current job i.e. Should I stick or should I twist? 

And if your answer is to twist, then make sure you act swiftly and reach out to people who can help you rapidly secure a new more fulfilling role.  Best wishes for the journey ahead. 

Tim Chapman

Director, Brosna Career Consulting

September 2018

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