Practice Makes Perfect

How do you come across at interview? 

Do you ever get any feedback?

If you weren’t successful at your last job interview, how can you be sure that you will be better next time?

Job interviews can be some of the most critical moments of our working lives. How you perform during that 30, 45, 60 min dialogue could determine your future for a number of years ahead. 

And it is the hardest thing to get feedback on the specifics of how you have done. Sure if you are successful at securing the role, then you can reasonably assume that you did most things right. But if you are unsuccessful you are often left speculating at why you didn’t get the job. Any feedback you might get may be generalised and unspecific.


One of the reasons that Brosna Consulting has such a high success rate at helping talented individuals to secure great jobs is that we insist on intensive practice and feedback as part of interview preparation. We role play your potential interview, recording you on camera and we use the playback information to dissect your approach, provide tough and honest feedback and then work intensively on the areas that need improving. 

Job seekers are often surprised, both at how they come across at interview but also how, with a bit of practice and careful thought, any negative areas can be swiftly corrected. The feedback process can sometimes be uncomfortable and challenging but always beneficial. Any discomfort is a lot less than the feeling of disappointment at failing at the interview - particularly if you have made it to the final shortlist of applicants. 

Our simple message for interviews is - don’t leave anything to chance, gather as much feedback as you can and practice makes perfect.

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