Tell Tale Signs - Time To Move On? 

Your boss has become intolerable - you feel suffocated. 

You are repeating the same tasks over and over - nothing is new.

The politics in the office just gets in the way - you are constantly treading on eggshells. 

The career development process has ground to a halt - people are just waiting for colleagues to leave. 

Your budget just keeps getting cut. 

You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of days this year when you bounced out of bed full of enthusiasm to get to work. 

The highlight of the week is after work drinks with your colleagues on Thursday, most of which time you spend telling each other how bad your week has been.

Familiar territory? 

If this has too often become the narrative of your current working life then (I am telling you what you already know in your heart of hearts), it really is time to move on.

In our 1:1 career coaching work, at Brosna, we regularly hear stories about how unfulfilled people have become at work - but also how long they have put up with these unhappy scenarios. Inertia seems to set in preventing people from moving on and moving forward.

Well it simply doesn’t have to be like this. Why would you want to carry on wasting large parts of your waking life carrying on doing the same old unfulfilling stuff?

So what to do to break out of your inertia? 

These are Brosna’s top tips: 

  1. Admit to yourself honestly that you are unhappy and that it is definitely time to take action

  2. Remind yourself that in life you always have a choice - you do not have to put up with sub optimum circumstances

  3. Remind yourself of your personal value - you are a unique multi-talented individual who in the past has proved extremely valuable to others, and of course, who will again discover an outlet where you can give your best and in return feel valued.

  4. Don’t do this alone. Find yourself a trusted colleague, friend or coach to act as your speaking partner who can help navigate you through your career transition.

  5. Turn your good intent to move on from a mere wish to a robust commitment by being very focused about what you want next and by turning this into a prioritised plan of action.

  6. Invest in yourself to manage the next phase in your career journey. Set aside regular time dedicated to take action on your career transition. If necessary buy-in some coaching help to act as your confidential mirror and guide you on your way. 

The end of year holiday period is, of course, an excellent time to review where you are in your career and make plans for the year ahead. If you are feeling trapped, unfulfilled or just plain restless then use this period wisely to form a compelling “escape” plan that you can enact straight away in the New Year. 

And of course if you think you might need help with your forward plan, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Brosna for a confidential discussion about how we might be able to help you in 2019.

Seasons Best Wishes 

Tim Chapman