Question Time 

In Brosna’s 1:1 coaching work with individuals who are thinking about a career or job change, we are often asked “how do I know that the time is right for me to move on from my current job and/or organisation?” 

Well of course we are all different and we all have our own unique and varied circumstances and preferences that will determine when we feel it is right to make a change. 

However what we do observe is that there are often, only relatively, a few important questions to ask yourself that if answered honestly, will indicate strongly or not if it is time for you to Stay or Go: 

  • In my job am I now just repeating important projects or tasks without much new added value to me in terms of new skills and/or experiences? (If Yes - Go)  

  • Can I realistically see the prospect of being offered a new more challenging role within the next 12 to 18 months by my current organisation?  (If Yes - Stay)  

  • Is my boss actively and regularly supporting and advocating my career advancement to others? (If No - Go) 

  • Do I regularly wake up each morning with an excitement and anticipation about my working day ahead? (If No - Go) 

  • Will I regret staying where I am for another 24 months vs using that time to create a new career opportunity for myself?  (If Yes - Go) 

  • Do I feel positively fulfilled and recognised for the contribution I make in my current role?  (If Yes - Stay) 

  • Do I feel genuinely passionate about and committed to the goals, aspirations and culture of my current organisation? (If No - Go) 

  • Despite other limitations of the job, do I find my current boss a source of inspiration and learning? (If Yes - Stay) 

  • Looking at all the circumstances of my life right now, do I have the motivation and stamina to seek out a new job opportunity? (If No - Stay)

  • Does my intuition and gut feeling tell me that now is definitely the right time to reach out for a new career opportunity? (If Yes - Go)

Try asking yourself these important questions and then see what the overall picture tells you. If you have more Go answers than Stay then this will tell you something important about your need and readiness to seek new job opportunities.  Also consider that some questions might have more importance and weighting to you than others so you might need to factor this into your evaluation. 

The important issue is that if you are keen to ensure continuing personal growth and advancement, that you ask yourself the right questions.  And of course nothing in the world of work is static, so make sure as things change and evolve around you that you periodically revisit these important questions.

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