Job Interview? Don't Do It Alone!

Preparing for that all important job interview can be a lonely and challenging process. 

You know that your words and behaviours in that very brief but intense dialogue with your prospective new employer could be the difference between a major step forward in your career or another period of treading water until the next opportunity comes along.

And interviews are one of those pivotal moments in life where we know that preparation is key to success but also we know it is very hard to simulate the actual conditions and pressures that you will face in the real-time interview.

That is why Brosna Career Consulting specialises in working intensively with professional job seekers one-to one to make sure they are in peak readiness for that critical job interview.

We do this by:

  • Making sure that the examples of achievements and skills that you choose to share in the interview precisely match the stated competencies for the role
  • Providing you with a robust thinking model so that you can organise and communicate your responses at interview in a persuasive, confident and purposeful manner
  • Video role playing you under interview conditions so that you can see and hear how you come across to prospective interviewers; we act as the interviewer and will ask you a full range of testing questions
  • Providing tough, honest feedback on all aspects of the way you project yourself and your capabilities through your examples, words, tone and body language
  • Timing our coaching and support for you so it happens as close as possible to the critical interview; this includes a final confidence boosting call immediately prior to the interview and a further call afterwards to debrief
  • Eensuring a completely confidential and private process where you can openly discuss any concerns, fears and experiences about handling job interviews

Our aim is to build your interview competence and confidence so that you can assertively and clearly project the very best of your personal attributes to an interviewer. 

If you would like to learn more then please in the first instance contact Tim Chapman on to arrange a confidential, no commitment, first dialogue.