A New Year's Tale

So here you are; you are back at work after a long and thoroughly enjoyable festive break. 

And this is a new you; full of resolve, full of determination to change a few important things about your life.

Top of your list is your job. Chatting with friends and family over the New Year holiday about their experiences has made you realise just how much you are stuck in a rut with your current role. It's all so repetitive and dull; you've being doing it for such a long time that you can cope with most things with your eyes closed. You are not really stretched or challenged anymore. But It wasn't always like this. When you started out in this job, there was lots to learn, lots of people to meet and lots of new stuff to get your head round. You felt alive, motivated and hungry for achievement - they were great days. And you now want to feel like that again.

In all reality you have now outgrown this job; you have milked it for all its significant personal value long ago and now you are only getting the smallest incremental benefit from a recurring cycle of activities. And it is not as though you haven't tried quite hard to improve things. You have spoken to your boss about how he could help make your job bigger and more rewarding but nothing much has changed; you have applied for a few different internal roles but with no success. It feels like things are passing you by and if you don't take the bold step to change them then no-one else will. 

And yet making a change is likely to be very tough; it's a long time since you have been on the open job market; interviewers and interviews have become tougher, more skilled and more formal. You are out of practice at both looking for new roles and also at self-promotion. Whilst your determination to change jobs is very high, your confidence about being successful in job interviews is very low. You have lots of feedback about how talented your are and good at what you do and yet you don't feel too sure that you can get this across well when you are under the pressure of a job interview. 

This is an all too familiar tale. Maybe it rings many bells with you. And too often individuals in this situation try and push on and make the job change they so desire on their own. They don't give themselves the luxury of seeking help, so that they can be sure of being in tip top condition when they present themselves for interview. Lack of confidence and preparedness can be easily spotted by a skilled interviewer and may well prevent a keen job hunter from getting past the first interview stage. Frustration sets in and the individual begins to feel even more trapped.

Well it doesn't need to be like this. At Brosna Career Consulting we work very closely with talented individuals to help them build their confidence and competence in critical interview situations. We are rigorous in preparing individuals foran important job or promotion interview so that they can readily articulate how their unique skills and talents fit the specific competencies of the targeted role. We use role play and feedback to identify how individuals can maximise their impact with well-trained interviewers.

We have a very high success rate at helping individuals to attain their desired new roles and we do so in a highly confidential, professional and affordable way. 

So if you are fired up with your New Years resolution to make this year, a year of important change in your career, why not drop us an email at tim@brosna-consulting.com for a confidential discussion on how we might help you translate your job-change aspiration into tangible achievement.