Is it Time to Look for a New Job?

So Easter is upon us, Spring is taking shape and we may just feel inspired over the holiday period to take a fresh look at what we are doing and where we are going in our careers.

The decision to change jobs, particularly if this also means changing organisations is a big one, and one that we should never take lightly.  It is often easier to see the grass as always greener elsewhere, particularly if we are going through a tough time in our current job. But part of us will also be naturally cautious of making an ill-considered or knee-jerk change for fear of making a mistake or exchanging current pressures and challenges for just another set of difficulties but with none of our current familiarity.

So how then can we know with any certainty that it is time to start the process of looking for another job.  In many cases our gut instinct will tell us that we may have reached the end of the road with a particular job or organization, and that we feel ready to move on. There is nothing at all wrong with listening to these inner signals; they will create the fertile ground and motivation to move into action.  However you may also want to rely upon a more rational and logical process to help guide you about why you want to move on, what are your current issues of dissatisfaction and most importantly what you might want to look for that is different in a new role.  

To help you provide a more logical evaluation of whether the time is right to look for a new job, we invite you to play BROSNA JOB BINGO – a slightly tongue in cheek (but only slightly) way of helping you make a decision.

Simply follow the instructions below to assess your own readiness or need to start the job-hunting process.

How many boxes did you circle?

5 boxes or less – your current job is probably not that bad, there are a few things to fix but not sufficient justification for jumping ship just yet

6 to 15 boxes – there are significant parts of your job that are very unfulfilling and you really should start the task of looking for a new role some time soon

16 to 30 boxes – oh boy you must really be resenting your job and the time you spend at work- definitely time to get out quickly and find something more worthwhile to do

31 to 40 boxes – a severe situation, you probably need some help and coaching to keep up any motivation and you should consider a very urgent job change to preserve your sanity

(if by any chance you have scored a full house – consider resigning immediately so you can begin the task right away of rebuilding your own self-esteem)

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