Stages 1 and 2 of Brosna's Career Transition Service

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Stages 1 and 2 of Brosna's Career Transition Service


Stage 1: Diagnosis & Direction

▶️ Prepare and/or adapt your current CV in draft form for us to critique.

▶️ Complete Brosna’s four proprietary diagnosis questionnaires aimed at providing a focused basis for moving forward.

These four online instruments are relatively simple and time effective to complete and will enable us to make best use of time in the next Stage …  

Stage 2 Transition Review

At this stage we anticipate spending 2/3 hours with you to review, critique and clarify the output from the diagnostic tools listed above. In this review session we will cause you to test and challenge your own assumptions about what next and help you refine/modify your goals and outcomes and translate these into a robust plan of action.

Experience suggests that the more clarity achieved at this stage, then the more likely you will achieve a positive outcome at a later stage. By the end of Stage 2 you will have a much greater clarity to confirm in your own mind about if and when you are ready to move into action to pursue new opportunities.